20 Mar UK, Barratt Developments plc​

UK, Barratt Developments plc​

A Bird’s Eye View has provided invaluable support in the strategic refresh of our sustainability framework.​​

ABEV was particularly responsive in conducting a review of our framework to assess its future readiness, links to our core business model and how we can further embed our strategy. As part of this work, Helena assessed the maturity of our framework, and in doing so, suggested a roadmap for how we could further enhance our integrated plan in the context of organisational change. ​​

We particularly valued ABEV’s ability to interpret our needs swiftly, whilst always keeping the customer and our purpose at the heart of all deliverables – this ensured high quality and focused outcomes.​​

Helena’s wealth of experience and knowledge, along with her appetite for supporting organisations in achieving sustainable growth, is a winning combination that ensures outputs of the highest standard.