Reframing to challenge
and change the paradigm

Successfully navigating uncertainty and complexity requires a change in perspective. Using an holistic view, we help pinpoint and frame the issues and opportunities, to help mobilise stakeholders around a shared vision and different path forward.

We see, feel, think:

  • …globally. We possess an international mindfulness developed through living and working all around the world (Australia, Asia, Europe, US, Africa).

    …strategically. We see the big picture and pinpoint the important details. We approach every challenge top down and bottom up, and always collaboratively.

    …contextually. We use critical thinking to put the immediate challenge in its wider context, understanding all the factors that can influence the potential for change.

  • …practically. We pragmatically balance an organisation’s operational reality with its longer-term strategic needs.

    … sensitively. We understand cultural and organisational differences, and combine insight, intuition and analysis to turn insights into ideas, innovations and results.

    …differently. We bring a marketing and commercial approach to the sustainability challenge, and a social and sustainability approach to the commercial challenge.