What people have to say

People see and experience things differently. Real insight brings all perspectives together, recognising and respecting the similarities and differences, in order to create opportunities for collective change.

Here are the some of the research projects we are conducting with partners, united by curiosity and a keen interest in understanding the appetite for change and levers to make this happen.

  • People’s perspective on the
    future post coronavirus

    Research objective: To understand the aspirations of people across countries and cultures, the future they want to see, and the shared responsibility for change.

    Participating countries: Italy, Indonesia, Peru, Chile, France, UK and Nigeria

    Results: May-June 2020

  • Board members’ perspective
    on the future of governance

    Research objective: To understand what board members think the impact of the coronavirus crisis will be on organisational purpose and resilience, corporate governance and the evolution of the board.

    Participating countries: International

    Results: July 2020

All responses will be confidential, anonymous and not be attributed to individuals who participate in the research. For more information about how we protect your data please see our privacy policy.