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Who We Are

A strategic business and sustainability consultancy working at the intersection of commercial, social, and sustainable development.

Issues, events and rapidly changing stakeholder expectations are increasingly challenging organisations’ relevance and licence to operate. They can also be a catalyst for positive change.

Established organisations are pivoting from what they do to why they exist, questioning where to best contribute in society and how to harness their assets to transition to a more sustainable and resilient business model which creates greater value.

New purpose-led disruptive businesses challenging the status quo are looking for ways to bring ideas and social innovations to life and scale in a responsible and inclusive way.

We help existing and new organisations redefine their role and relevance in society, and build a more differentiated, sustainable and impactful business.

Our purpose

To help brands and organisations achieve inclusive sustainable growth.

Our belief

‘Business as usual’ is currently unsustainable and a wasted opportunity.

Our philosophy

Challenge the norm, find your role, lead the change.

What We Do

We help organisations strengthen purpose, build a more sustainable business model for greater resilience and differentiation, and create a governance framework for accountability

Our modular approach is designed to inject new thinking, skills and expertise to help organisations successfully develop and execute strategy at any stage of their journey. Our Purpose, Strategy and Governance framework helps guide thinking and decision making to achieve short and longer-term outcomes.

  • Pinpoint issues, insights & impacts
  • Strengthen & connect purpose
  • Create the case for change
  • Design Purpose-led strategy and plan for value & impact
  • Develop goals for governance
  • Assess impact, adapt & evolve strategy

How We Work

Changing landscape diagram

We see the big picture, identify the connections, frame the opportunities and develop pathways forward

Changing landscape diagram

We work in partnership with client teams and key stakeholders to create bespoke strategic solutions. Whether it is a specific issue or an organisation-wide challenge, we bring a holistic perspective to every task and its role in the wider strategic opportunity.

Our partners include Little Blue Research an independent consultancy specialising in environmental economics and social impact valuation. We are a member of the fluid-collective a global collective of independent senior consultants who solve communication-intensive business issues across the world.

What We Deliver

Fresh thinking and market-based collaborative solutions to help organisations thrive in a sustainable future

Sector-wide environmental materiality assessment and sustainability roadmap

We had the right team for this project – the research team bringing deep environmental impact expertise and rigour combined with Helena’s strategic perspective – to generate and translate the findings and trends into the commercial, systemic and board room agendas to ensure they landed well with senior stakeholders. Throughout the two-and-a-half year project, Helena helped cut through the complexity of the research for our senior leaders and really drill down to the messaging that we need to give to investors and other stakeholders across the sustainability agenda.

Global, Informa Group Plc.
Ben Wielgus, Head of Sustainability


Little Blue Research worked with A Bird’s Eye View throughout the 18-month project. This included helping conduct stakeholder research and frame key findings and critical impacts to address. Helena provided strategic guidance and valuable insights to the project helping to build goals and next steps for the project steering group to consider. Her industry experience helped to take the outputs of the assessment further and provided the support needed to develop an overarching set of shorter-term and longer-term actions for the US and Canadian B2B events sector to take forward. We look forward to working with Helena and ABEV in the future.

UK, Little Blue Research, Ltd.
Dr. Stephanie Hime FIEMA, Managing Director

Sustainability roadmap to further embed strategy and accelerate organisational change

A Bird’s Eye View has provided invaluable support in the strategic refresh of our sustainability framework.​​

ABEV was particularly responsive in conducting a review of our framework to assess its future readiness, links to our core business model and how we can further embed our strategy. As part of this work, Helena assessed the maturity of our framework, and in doing so, suggested a roadmap for how we could further enhance our integrated plan in the context of organisational change. ​​

We particularly valued ABEV’s ability to interpret our needs swiftly, whilst always keeping the customer and our purpose at the heart of all deliverables – this ensured high quality and focused outcomes.​​

Helena’s wealth of experience and knowledge, along with her appetite for supporting organisations in achieving sustainable growth, is a winning combination that ensures outputs of the highest standard.

UK, Barratt Developments plc​
Bukky Bird, Group Sustainability Director​