Sustainable Future


Research Purpose: This study is designed to understand how the same crisis is being experienced differently by people around the world and what future they want to come out of this lived experience.

Project Partners: Eduardo Aranda (Chile), Anne Bonlarron (France), Chloe Dickinson (UK), Roberta Facciano (Italy), Eva Arisuci Rudjito (Indonesia), Abayomi Sule (Nigeria) and Cecilia Torres (Peru). This project started as a question and quickly grew into an idea, driven by busy multi-tasking people with a shared interest in understanding people’s views and how this could be harnessed to influence change.

Context: We are living in unprecedented times. For the first time in this generation people in all corners of the world are being impacted by the same crisis at the same time. People are trying to make sense of the uncertain conditions they find themselves in and how the impact of the coronavirus pandemic might affect their future.

The theory is the coronavirus pandemic will create a ‘new normal’. This expression is being used in two ways; in the short-term to describe how people’s lives are being dramatically affected by the restrictions during the pandemic; in the longer-term to describe what the future might look like in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis.

Much of the narrative is currently being generated by industry experts and thought leaders across sectors. The focus is predominantly on the potential negative impact on the economy and vital institutional systems while also raising concern about the longer-term consequences to people’s livelihoods and society.

There are some who believe the crisis has the potential to challenge the current economic model and change the way businesses, governments and civil society work together for the common good. The need to elevate social and environmental priorities as part of the response for economic recovery is also a focus.

As national and local governments, businesses, religious leaders and NGOs start to consider life after this crisis there is an opportunity to understand and reflect the aspirations of everyday people across countries and cultures to help influence business and government leaders’ debate and decision making.

Use of information:

The insights and findings aim to;

  • Stimulate discussion on ‘the new normal’ through new content with a cross cultural perspective
  • Change the narrative to the future and what could be
  • Provide new insights for business and government leaders to contribute to debate and decision making
  • Create the potential to measure change over time

Research Report

The findings are publicly available in five languages. See below to download the report in the preferred language.