21 Mar Smart Data at the Heart of Pro-Social Brands

Smart Data at the Heart of Pro-Social Brands

This post on Sustainable Brands by Leslie Pascaud gives some powerful examples of how brands and organisations can use big data for social good, especially in the health sector. Intel’s collaboration with Not Impossible Labs is incredibly moving. Will be interesting to see if work like this can shift public opinion towards big data, and inspire organisations to make more significant contributions.

‘“Big Data” and “Social Good” may be the yin and yang of tomorrow’s most successful brands. Both are recognized as important components of contemporary marketing strategy, yet they are not typically thought of as bedmates. That is changing.

The growing expectation that brands should make meaningful contributions to the world has put pressure on marketers to find profitable ways to do so. They must carefully select causes that align with the brand’s ethos and can be seamlessly woven into their business models. But how to find such rare pearls? The answer lies, in part, with data.’

To read the full article click: Smart Data at the Heart of Pro-Social Brands | Sustainable Brands.

(Image credit: M&E Tech)