21 Mar Backcasting: A Roadmap to Transformational Change

Backcasting: A Roadmap to Transformational Change

Posted on Sustainable Brands by Renaldo Becque, this article describes how backcasting and a futures approach can challenge ‘business as usual’, encourage major breakthroughs in innovation and create pathways to a more sustainable future.

“As we have entered a new year, I’d like to take a closer look at the concept of backcasting for coming up with strategies that marry ‘transformational change’ (as sustainability practitioners like to call those meaningful sustainability outcomes that leap beyond ‘making things less bad’) with viability and desirability.

Backcasting? Am I casting my eyes on what lies behind us? No, in fact backcasting looks far ahead in order to create bridges towards desirable outcomes for the future.

Forecasting, whereby we translate past and current trends and behavior into estimates of the future, is a common tool to increase our understanding of what the future may hold. But what if the current trends are part of the problem? Forecasting alone, as a predictive tool, may provide precious little divergence of perspective.

Backcasting, on the contrary, starts by defining a desired future (e.g. vision) and then looks back to assess what would be required to get there. It can enable stakeholders to introduce more imaginative new ideas — opening up the dialogue to a future we can create.”

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(Image credit: ARIES)